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Top 10 Places to Visit in Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park
Photograph by Murray Foubister, via Wikimedia Commons)

#1 Grand Canyon National Park

Located in Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park covers 277 miles (446 km). The Grand Canyon is a mile-deep canyon (1.6 km) carved by the Colorado River. 90% of travelers Visit Grand Canyon National Park's South Rim as it is easily accessible than the North Rim. The North Rim has a short season, and is harder to get to.

Photograph by Ken Lund, via Wikimedia Commons

#2 Sedona

Known for red sandstone formations, Sedona is one of popular tourist destination of Arizona. Sedona is famous for beautiful red rocks and hiking trails. These unique rock formations appear to glow in orange and red when illuminated by the rising or setting sun. Best places to visit in Sedona are: Chapel of the Holy Cross, Cathedral Rock, Sedona Airport Scenic Lookout, Red Rock Scenic Byway, and Oak Creek Canyon.

Hoover Dam
Photograph by Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz), via Wikimedia Commons

#3 Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is located on the Nevada-Arizona border about 30 miles from Las Vegas. About 726 feet tall, Hoover Dam was once the tallest dam in the world. Today Hoover Dam is one of the top area attractions for spectacular views of Hoover Dam and Black Canyon from 890 feet above the Colorado River.

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument
Photograph by Lobineau, via Wikimedia Commons

#4 Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Enjoy scenic views of towering cliffs and deep canyons at Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. The monument protects many diverse landscapes, including the Paria Plateau, Vermilion Cliffs, Coyote Buttes, and Paria Canyon. It is popular tourist attraction known for spectacular views. With Kaibab National Forest to the west and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to the east, the monument includes the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness.

Photograph by Melikamp, via Wikimedia Commons

#5 Phoenix

Known as the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona state. Phoenix is central point to many popular attractions of Arizona such as Grand Canyon and Lake Havasu. Places to visit in city include Desert Botanical Garden, Papago Park, South Mountain Park, Phoenix Zoo, and Phoenix Art Museum.
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Photograph by Zereshk, via Wikimedia Commons

#6 Tucson

With 350+ days of sunshine a year, Tucson is known as one of the sunniest cities. The city is home University of Arizona, Arizona Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Arts. Popular places and family attractions to visit in Tucson include Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Saguaro National Park, Tucson Mountain Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Pima Air & Space Museum, and Tucson Desert Art Museum.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument
Photograph by Brian W. Schaller, via Wikimedia Commons

#7 Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Located in northeastern Arizona, Canyon de Chelly is one of the most visited national monuments in the United States. The park is owned by the Navajo Tribal families living in the canyon. There is no entrance fee to visit the park. The park features a Welcome Center, rim drives with overlooks, campgrounds, and public trail to visit on your own. However, visitors are allowed to travel in the canyons only when accompanied by a park ranger or an authorized Navajo guide.

Saguaro National Park
Photograph by Luke Jones, via Wikimedia Commons

#8 Saguaro National Park

Located southeastern Arizona, Saguaro National Park is home to the giant saguaro cactus. The park is located in two separate areas - west of the city of Tucson and east of the city. Tucson Mountain District (TMD) is about 10 miles west of the city of Tucson. Rincon Mountain District (RMD) about 10 miles east of the city of Tucson. Popular activities in the park include hiking and sightseeing.

Petrified Forest National Park
Photograph by Finetooth, via Wikimedia Commons

#9 Petrified Forest National Park

Located in northeastern Arizona, Petrified Forest National Park has large deposits of petrified wood. The forest is known for fossils of fallen trees that lived about 225 million years ago. The forest features semi-desert shrub steppe as well as highly eroded and colorful badlands. Petrified Forest is popular site for paleontology and other sciences in the field. Park activities include hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding.

Havasu Falls
Photograph by Gonzo fan2007, via Wikimedia Commons

#10 Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls waterfall is located in Havasu Creek of Grand Canyon. The 100 foot high Havasu Falls is famous and most visited of the various falls along Havasu Creek. It is within Havasupai tribal lands outside the boundary of Grand Canyon National Park. The waterfall is not accessible by road and reservations are required for hiking and campground.

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